In Week 23, our business partner Del Monte International, led by Senior Director Omar Navarro and Senior Luis Felipe Sancho, visited RS Farms to assess conditions and identify needs. The visit included farm inspections and ocular walks at Lambayong Farms, Lutayan Farms, and DAS Farms.

DMI aims to provide RS&Co with technical support; as both parties are dedicated to strengthening our partnership, reflecting our shared commitment to “one team, one plan, one goal.”

The visitation was also attended by our Farm Directors – Mr. Uni Ugalingan, Mr. Releigh Rebollo, and Mr. Joemarie Desaca – along with Chief Director Joel Mora and Chief Admin Deceree Sandigan.

We emphasize that RS & Co. thrives due to the unwavering support and cooperation of Del Monte International. We are dedicated to implementing all insights and recommendations from the visit.